2021 is an extraordinary year. Look back on this year, it is great significance. Facing the COVID-19, because our colleague who are conscientious and devoted in their posts so that we hit a historical high. Taking this opportunity, the company held an annual employee commendation conference this afternoon.




(Loyalty award, finance department, Sue)

    Sue joined OLA since 2018 june as the accounting director, she has been fully competent and has good professional ethics for her job for these three years.  Reflect the super professional level in the work and get the unanimous recognition of colleagues in the Department and the company.


(Loyalty Award, Operation Department, Helen)

    Helen's labels in the company's operation department: "Gold Medal Operation", "Five-star Praise", "YYDS", "strength responsibility", "Best Partner", etc. Helen has solved various difficult cases professionally. In terms of efficiency, service and professionalism, Helan is one of the "top leader" in operation department and a super helper on company's business.


(Growth Award, India group, Sunny)

    "It's gold that always shines" couldn't be more appropriate for Sunny. Although she has not been in the company for a long time, the little sister took up the job of the main operation shortly after she joined the company, and she became familiar with the company's business process and became an overseas customer service in a short period of time. She was responsible for the company's VIP customers, followed up in a timely manner and maintained very well. 


(Ownership Award, India group, Coco)

   Coco, who has joined the company for nearly ten years, has withstood the pressure, grievances and responsibilities from all aspects as an overseas business in this very special year. Through personal efforts, the responsible area has reached a record high this year and has been recognized by colleagues and the company.





    OLA is a growing tree, and we are the birds perching in the tree. Only with the good growth and continuous growth of the company can give us a better and higher platform to look further. The rapid development of the company is inseparable from the trust and efforts of our employee, which is the result of mutual complementarity. We wish our employees will work together, make persistent efforts and create brilliance in 2022.